Here’s Your Invitation to the Copyblogger Holiday Headline Clinic

Here’s Your Invitation to the Copyblogger Holiday Headline Clinic

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  1. Yesterday’s report was evil genius stuff. This webinar is a great way for us not only to read the report on making great headlines but to actually hear you guys talk about it. I love your webinars, and I know I’ll love this one too. Can’t wait to attend.

    Enjoy your holiday season, Jon. And of course, Brian, Sonia and Robert.

  2. Signed up, but gotomeetings said it was “1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST”. (a direct copy and paste) That doesn’t match the EST.

    Sounds great! Hope I get to see it.

  3. I am looking forward to Thursday. I am about to venture into the world of blogging next year and am working real hard learning the ropes so I don’t hang myself on this new adventure.

  4. Signed up, thanks!

    But I must admit, when I need help with headlines (like now) I just take a look through Copyblogger’s headlines….

  5. Hello from Montana,
    So glad you are doing this on headlines. I would rather write a whole book than a title or headline. I tend to make them toooooooooooo long and wordy.

    After I have told the story in the headline, no need to read the blog post.
    Looking forward to the event.

    Happy Holidays, Judy H. Wright, author and keynote speaker

  6. Hey guys any chance you could hold future webinars at an earlier time? Moving it a couple of hours earlier would make it more accessible for us over in Europe, and would still be at a reasonable time for all US timezones.

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