Writers: Here’s Why You Aren’t Getting More Great Clients

Writers: Here’s Why You Aren’t Getting More Great Clients

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  1. Wonderful, practical, painful advice. I’m moving into freelance copywriting at the moment and this is exactly what I needed to hear.
    Plus… super pumped for the program reopening!

    • Yay, I’m glad the timing’s so good! πŸ™‚

      Freelancing is really fun and amazing, but you definitely need to get those two Ugly Problems sorted as quickly as possible. πŸ™‚

  2. It is rather easy to say that finding enough clients or sustaining them is the hard part. The current truth is that the marketplace is so unstructured that freelancers are being exploited right, left and center. How can quality-chasing freelancers actually, honestly hold on to their trade when bulk work and low wage projects are becoming the norm?

    • Bottom-of-the-barrel projects have been the norm, in the sense of being the great majority of what’s offered, for quite awhile.

      But there are still many projects and many companies that need a higher standard of work (often because they tried the cheap route and realized it was a complete waste of time). We’ve seen the number of smart companies that focus on quality content only grow. And they’re often finding it hard to make the connection with the kinds of writers they need.

      Every freelancer’s marketing system needs a process to quickly sift through leads and throw out anyone looking for the cheapest solution. That still leaves a lot of really good potential clients. They’re there, it can just be hard to see them in the noise.

  3. Hi Sonia,

    I belive Marketing is everything, even we can sell cow dung online if we are good in marketing. Here we are talking about ‘Content Marketing’ it is kind of royal job which no ordinary person can work perfectly.

    I really like ‘Content Marketing Certification’ idea. It sounds amazing. It’d be more innovative if writers get content writing job based on scores achieved in certification.


  4. We can all relate to the ‘crummy clients’ mentioned. Prioritizing your workload is so crucial if you are going to get, and keep great clients.

    This was a really interesting read, Sonia. Nice work!

  5. You must be a veteran in writing in other to come up with such a mouth-watering piece of content.

    You have explained the major causes of why writers struggle, and I hope they read, understand and execute your tips.

    Keep up the good job Sonia.

  6. I can personally attest to the value of this program. No other investment I’ve made in my writing career has paid off like this one.

    I talked a good friend into pursuing a CCM certification, and since she made the list, she’s made a huge leap forward as well.

    Sonia, I’m telling you. You guys rock.

  7. Your post says it all and says it so well. There is still room for good freelancers to make good money. It’s about getting your work out there in front of the right potential clients. Market smart!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. i wish you had another payment option tho – i’m just getting started, and i’m also the parent of a young child, a newlywed, the supporter of my family (my Canadian partner’s in line for a green card) and a practitioner of voluntary simplicity – meaning we live without much credit or debt. All this is to say that without using credit cards, $500 is a lot for me to drop at once, let alone 1k – but jeez, I’m fairly sure that AFTER certification it would be a lot easier πŸ˜‰

  9. Really helpful and insightful post, thanks Sonia. And yes, it’s difficult but so necessary. I really appreciate these ‘gems of info’ that you have shared to assist us freelancers in growing our client bases, and ultimately our businesses!

  10. Thanks for these tips Sonia! I think Certified Content Marketer training program is a great way to enhance our craft and help writers improve their personal brand.

  11. Hi Sonia,

    I think one of the biggest challenges most freelance writers have when it comes to getting great clients is that they don’t treat their writing career as a business. Like you said, being able to write well in perfect tenses is not necessarily what translate into cash flow – if you want to do well, you must conquer marketing.

    That’s it.

    Thanks for sharing


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