Speaking of Search Engines…

Speaking of Search Engines…

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  1. Hey Brian, thanks for the mention and links! I hope the list is useful to your readers. 🙂

  2. you know, a lot of my oft-read blogs have been talking about SEO/SEM recently– and I’ve been thinking about it, too. Glad to see some people are paying attention to what they need to do to get noticed, since podcasters generally aren’t.

  3. Useful list, thanks! I must chop it down before importing it though.

    I agree with your point about the number of feeds. I’ve been an enthusiastic user of RSS for a couple of years now, but an enforced absence from them for two months whilst on holiday in New Zealand gave me back the head space I didn’t realise I’d lost. I thinned my feeds mercilessly on return.

    Surviving blogs tend to be those with less frequent posts, and those that don’t mention the blogger’s favourite movie/team/band/restaurant unless it’s absolutely compellingly relevant.

    Yours survived!

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