RSS Marketing Roundup 03.23.06

RSS Marketing Roundup 03.23.06

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  1. Couple of things:

    1) Do you think that the general public will publish personal RSS feeds in the future? To the same extent that everyone uses email today, and not just as campanions to our blogs?

    2) Have you seen Can you see use cases for RSS without the blog?


  2. Charles, I ‘m not sure if RSS will ever replace email for one-to-one communication. If the spam problem can be fixed by shifting content to RSS and employing strong whitelists, I think people will stick to email for personal correspondence. But who knows?

    Secondly, I expect to see the use of RSS feeds that are not tied to blogs increase dramatically. Blogs were just a great way to introduce RSS. It’s a stand-alone publishing channel, though.

  3. Brian, I agree that RSS won’t replace email as a one to one channel.

    What I imagine is a hybrid future when RSS will replace email in one to many scenarios such as newsletters or intra company briefings or any instance you routinely update a group of people…and this can include mass customized communications also. For example I want my bank to distribute my monthly statement via secure RSS feed so my client can grab it as an enclosure and drop it on my desktop.

    I wrote a bit about this a few weeks ago.


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