Quality Over Quantity: Repurpose Your Best Ideas and Distribute Them Far and Wide

Quality Over Quantity: Repurpose Your Best Ideas and Distribute Them Far and Wide

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  1. I love this one, Jerod. So practical, so smart.

    Funny how having a baby in the house makes you really smart about making good use of your time. 🙂

  2. Great tips. This is something I need to get better at. Repurposing content. You spend all that time creating content, why not repurpose it in as many places as possible!

    I don’t podcast, but I could probably turn some of my best posts into videos! Also need to look at different channels. I like the idea of this strategy, get your best work in front of more people!


  3. That is a clever idea. I never thought that but Repurposing old content on a new platform can attract more visitors. Sometimes, it becomes really hard to get a new idea but this repurposing thing can help us AT THAT BAD TIME.
    Thank You, Jerod.

  4. Thank you for this very insightful article, Jerod Morris! One of my biggest takeaways from this discussion is that The blog post becomes a podcast episode (and video!).

    Turn one quality blog post into a traffic and attention engine I believe is the key to SEO going forward. I still see many marketers who are stuck in the SERPS and getting nowhere. They keep tossing more and more links to their pages but they don’t budge, but most of these folks have little to no social presence.

    So my biggest revelation here is social media and podcast is only becoming more and more important to rankings in the search engines as time goes by and those who don’t get that, will be left behind by their competitors.

  5. Awesome post Jarod! This year, on top of a video per blog post, I added in a short weekly 15-minute podcast which is doing pretty well so far. And, reading a post from a while back here about repurposing content, I have taken a simple little system and am turning it into a course! Thanks again Jarod…. =)

  6. Hey Jerod,

    Great ! Never thought of Repurposing old content, It sometimes gets very difficult to get new ideas to write epic content, so turning old content to Audio or video can certainly help us reach wider audience. It could be big for lazy persons like me.

    Thanks a lot for the tips Jerod !

  7. Great post Jerod. There are already hundreds of other ‘ideas’ around what you are doing and add a few more wont make any sense, but if you can repackage a single idea and present it to your audience in the best ways possible, then they will trust and follow your idea

  8. Thanks Jarod, I have recently started to video the reading of my blogpost. It’s early days, but my blog is focused on helping people with Mental Health struggles.

    Its been my experience that for many they often lack concentration, literacy skills and also need to see the non-verbals that might be missed in text only. So I am hoping that have this other medium might fill a need.


  9. Integrating repurposing into your content strategy is an economical way to make the most of your great content creation efforts. It helps in lowering costs, expanding audience reach and providing an opportunity to go deeper and develop a better understanding of your target persona on different channels.

  10. This is a great, informative post, Jerod!

    Like you say, if you believe in your article/post enough, then there is absolutely no reason that you cant repurpose it in as many suitable places/ways as possible.

  11. Agree that my blog readers are already bombarded with ideas and what I can do is give something that actually add value to their knowledge and ideas.
    Furthermore, the idea of distributing a single piece of content to as many platforms as I can is great. One blog post distributed to 100k visitors is better than 10 posts distributed to only 1k visitors.
    Thanks for elaborating.

  12. Thank you for making re-purposing painfully obvious. I thought I knew about this, but now I REALLY get it.

  13. One thing I take away from this Jarod is where you mention, no more ideas. Just give them our “best” ideas. I agree. After all, new ideas are not really so new. They are too many times something someone simply has not yet read.

  14. Hey,
    I must say your time management is the best of all. And yes converting a blog post into a Audio and Podcast can increase your traffic on blogs multi-fold.

    Instead of working on many ideas one should focus on a single idea and make it successful by doing everything it take to reach the goal.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

  15. This is great because writing a 1200 word blog post can be daunting, but if it means you’ll get 10-20 pieces of content out of it like pins, tweets, posts, then it’s worth the effort. I have not done video or podcasts, but I can see where the blog could be your show notes.

  16. Good point…. i’ve learned that one great post is better than 10 mediocre ones. Better to spend a whole day researching and writing one post than to band out half a dozen. that’s where the blogging services fall short. The web needs mediocre blog posts like your local library needs more paperback books from the 90’s…

  17. Repurposing has always been a great idea. About 70% of the time I spend on content is research, so re-using that research in another format is a no-brainer. My main repurposing channels right now are Medium and LinkedIn, but repurposing into audio and video are definitely on the list. Just need to find the time…

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