Press Release Podcast

Press Release Podcast

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  1. Regarding ‘copywriting is fundamental to making great audio, video and live presentations…’: This is true much of the time, of course, but to me, some of the most powerful moments are unrehearsed and unscripted. I’m evolving a belief that we can achieve more potent viral messages only when we are willing to let others speak about us. There are complications and dangers to this approach, but if your product or service — whatever you’re offering — is true and authentic, then those concerns should be minimal.

  2. Rolf, I agree with you. In fact, I have much more fun “winging it,” but it’s not always appropriate. In interview contexts like the PRWeb podcast, it was perfect. However, I’ve heard too many podcasts and teleseminars where you had a one-person dialogue that was a complete mess.

    Winging it in those situations just sounds bad! 🙂

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