Don’t Waste Your Time with Native Advertising

Don’t Waste Your Time with Native Advertising

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  1. The particular image you used wouldn’t be so bad for an advertisement! The human face always a draws attention, some primal trigger at work. It works particularly well when the face is looking directly at you.

  2. I’d never heard of the term ‘Native Advertising’ before.

    It sounds similar to idea behind infographics (‘visually appealing and information rich…’).

  3. I know there are so many people who wants to learn more about advertising. We are looking forward to hearing more from you and the whole CopyBlogger team Brian!

  4. I enjoyed reading the full article on the other site. I have to agree that authenticity is definitely the one that is most important. If you lack consistency in your message, you’re confusing your audience about your brand’s “voice.”

    In other words, if the message doesn’t fit your company’s brand, don’t use it at all, even if it brings in traffic. Nothing is more embarrassing for you as a company than confusing your newfound visitors with a mixed message.

  5. Brian:

    I was at a high-level internet business event 6 weeks ago where native advertising was discussed in great detail. But they missed one key point the you made in your article. That point is: “The best thing to sell with the kind of content that makes an advertisement “native” is more information. Provide independent value in your native advertisement that inherently creates a desire to discover even more.”

    “Create the desire to discover even more” — that is a powerful concept that every marketer needs to keep at the front of his or her mind when writing ad copy.

    Great stuff, Brian!

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