7 Useful Marketing Articles for Your Weekend

7 Useful Marketing Articles for Your Weekend

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  1. Great articles, grabbing a cup of coffee and getting ready to dig in. My favorite though is the “Did You Miss Anything …” section at the end. Love that idea and I hope you don’t mind if I copy it 🙂

  2. With so many sensational headlines and introductions I so often see, when I read the “Comprehensive does not begin to describe this article from Ms. Narayanasamy.” introduction, I thought to myself, “let’s see if the article lives up to the introduction”. It did!

  3. Nice collection. I appreciate the Pinterest comment, it’s a good point. However, it seems that the “Pinterest is for women” is mostly urban legend. 58% women is not different than other social media sites. Pinterest has become a huge source of referral traffic for us, better than Facebook or Youtube. Our little biz is thrilled to have Pinterest around.

    Jason & Cinnamon Miles

  4. Thanks for compiling this list.Especially for the article on competitive research.It’s one of the best articles I’ve ever seen on doing research

  5. Loved the article on writer’s block.

    Writing used to be my day job, so it’s always my biggest strength. People around me know that, and so they often come to me with problems of writer’s block. Often, they’ll tell me about this great idea for content they have. But they just can’t get it down onto paper (digital paper), they say.

    So I’ll ask them to tell me their idea. And in almost all cases, they go on to describe their idea fantastically: intelligently, concisely, interestingly.

    Then I’ll tell them to just go and write the content exactly the same way they just “told” me the content. Usually, this is an “ah-ha” moment for them, when they realize that writing is just talking written down.

    For lots of people who don’t think that their writing is a strength, this is a common problem. They see writing as something very different to every other method of communication that they’re comfortable with. But it’s not. Writing is just talking written down.

    That’s a big realization to make when you lack confidence with your writing, and it’s one that Seth’s article on writer’s block reminded me of.

  6. The most important thing about these articles, is that they are produced by the daily experience of the experts. I enjoyed reading this and I wish this kind of material would be in the hand of every business professionals, specially from my country.

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