Blogging is Easy Money, Right?

Blogging is Easy Money, Right?

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  1. I’ve read Yaro’s book. It is very good and well organized and I believe it can be helpful for people who are determined to take blogging at the business level. It’s been almost one year now since I discovered blogging and I can tell you that if I had Yaro’s book last year, I’d perform much better than I am today.

  2. What a difference a year makes!

    I too have been blogging professionally and developing blogs for others and consulting about blog marketing for four years.

    It’s only been in the last year that I’ve been making a meaningful full time income from blogging.

    The big switch for me has all been a direct result of getting out of the General blogging-about-blogging and going for a laser-tight niche within a niche.

    My problogging model is much more like Chris Garrett’s — it’s indirect, as a result of an “authority” blogging presence within a “smaller pond.”

    I make a full-time income from blogging — and it is NOT by high-traffic or advertising revenue-based models.

    It’s all about Subscribers.

    I have a free ebook also for subscribers that tells where exactly my money comes from in blogging. I’d love it if you checked out what works for me.

  3. The ebook has some good info, though nothing I haven’t seen on the various blogging blogs. I think it’s funny he’s declared himself the Blog Traffic King.

  4. I have found out about Yaro about one year ago and I think the content he puts out is great, especially the podcast interviews he has done.
    I read his ebook too and I think it gives good tips for those who have just started blogging.

  5. The big value of the book is not that it contains unique info; one can probably find 90% of it on the internet. Its value consists of putting all that info together – this can save new bloggers a lot of time because they won’t have to read tons of non-sense stuff several hours per day, until they find the really useful things.

  6. I also suggest this eBook to anyone interested in making a living from Blogging. It’s a great resource. It is mainly review for the intermediate web ‘guru’ but still has some great new stuff in there. Everyone will learn something.

  7. Maintaining a useful blog is not easy.

    If I want to start a blog for my company/product, what is the best approach to hire really good, inexpensive help?

    There are a lot of great bloggers that are not making money. I think blogging for pay is an excellent alternative. What do you think?

  8. Yaro has put together a great ebook–lots of good, timely info in there. You mention “only making $1000 a month” with his online marketing efforts…to be honest with you, even that is pretty good for someone. 😉

    As Spiritual Blogging says, though, it’s all about subscribers. Laser-targeting a specific niche and providing some great info for people will keep them coming back for more.

  9. Hey Brian, thanks for your endorsement, it means a lot to me.

    I hope your readers enjoy the book and it helps them take a few more steps towards making a full time income from blogging.


  10. Chris,

    I’ll readily admit that I built off the structure of the Cutline Theme because I had no previous design experience, but I took the link out after tweaking nearly every aspect of the style and customizing it with all my own graphics. I’ve also borrowed aspects from other sites as well. I think that makes it more than a mashup and I don’t think anyone but yourself would even recognize the influence. Honestly I’m flattered that you noticed.

  11. Yaro is doing a nice job. Even if you get a couple of points, that’s great because you cannot beat free.

    We are launching our new interview series today on our blog and are starting with Nate Whitehill. We’re hoping to track down Yaro to include him in this series as well. We’ll see.

    Brian…I recommend Copy Blogger all the time in my workshops. I’ll do about 75 of them in 2007. It’s a great blog.

  12. Read through Yaro’s e-book last night. If only everyone could write as practically and pragmatically as Yaro does! Lots of very tangible suggestions that can be put to work immediately on our blogs. I look forward to reading what he writes next!

  13. yaro book is great, it shwoed me a lot of things on blogging since I have started blogging about 3 months ago. I have done some studies about trackback marketing and pillars, which yaro explains in his ebook

    very good ebook

  14. Monetizing a blog is a lot of work. Although I am blessed to have some good revenue through Text Link Ads and have use PayPerPost in the past rather frequently, I choose not to go too much into advertising other then AdSense.

  15. Yaro’s book is really well done.

    Read it when it came out and what I like about it is the solid business sense and no-pipe-dreams approach.

  16. I just started a business blog this month so I am still getting my feet wet. It seems to me that readership is where the value is. And as mentioned above, writing in a narrow niche self-qualifies your audience. I know from years of sales experience that you need to qualify your prospect.

    Now, I am a bit of a fool and tend to do all the wrong things. I have learned from my mistakes. I can repeat every one of them. I have managed to get quite a readership on my Slow Down Now site. But it doesn’t make me one red cent. I have to admit, I didn’t have the intention of making money from the site, just finding my voice as an original humorous writer.

    I tried putting Google ads on the site, but ads do not get irony. Also I wanted to keep this site as non-distracting. The point of all this is that because of the nature of search niche narrowness (sorry if that sounds like the abomination of business speak) is the way to go. That is a problem because to get narrow, we need to give things up. Giving things up is much harder than acquiring something new.

    All I know about my readership is that they like my original humorous stories. That’s not a lot of help from a marketing situation. Or is it?

  17. They are too much problogger nowadays and everyone has their own opinions and way on how they succeed.

    At the end, it all depends on yourself the way you want your blog, and yourself to be.

  18. I think making money on the internet is really hard work. There are only few people who are able to earn nice income online and Yaro is probably one of them. I have read his e-book and it was interesting reading. But I don’t think that book can really learn people how to make money. It must be in the nature of the person.

  19. I want evrey on to know that I can write,alot alot,about health.
    I have been a nurse for 22yrs. I am now on disablity because I
    have Lupus a Auto immun aliement. There is no cure. I was lucky enough to work, while I was in remission. Lupus has flare ups an remission. I did my comedy while in remission , also wrote my poem that won me $1000.00. You can do anything if you try

  20. I love Copyblogger and have found it extremely helpful. My blog is an abject failure, and has ended up being more of a personal journal, which was NOT my original intent.
    What I find curious about blogs, and the internet in general, is the tolerance for spelling errors, poor grammar and lousy sentence structure. Don’t things like that matter? Thanks for all of the great information!

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