The Missing Ingredient in Your Workday: A 30-Day Challenge

The Missing Ingredient in Your Workday: A 30-Day Challenge

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  1. The gratitude approach is undeniably very important for the productive work. I believe, the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge will go a long way for me to increase productivity in my work. I’m very much looking forward to join your Bring Gratitude Challenge in May.

  2. I feel that this is one of the best articles that I have ever read in my life. It is true that we have to do what we love to do. But we need some sort of positive motivation every time. Without motivation and encouragement, we cannot achieve anything. That motivation might come from a client’s good feedback or from the results of a clients campaign or in any positive way for that matter.

    Without motivation life kind of becomes too much boring and it feels as if though we are tiredly dragging our work from one corner to another corner.

  3. I’ve often wanted to start a gratitude practice and after a few days I forget and then it tails off. So I’m excited to commit to a proper challenge to get me going!

  4. I can absolutely relate to feeling overwhelmed by the todo list. It’s so easy to get fixated on what we haven’t done yet.
    I’ve done something similar to your suggestion in the past when I kept a “done” list. I’d look back on what I had achieved that day/week/month and it really made me appreciate how much I would do. The addition of being grateful sounds like it would really super-charge this habit! Thanks for the inspiration.

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