How to Dig Deep and Discover the Treasure in Your Niche

How to Dig Deep and Discover the Treasure in Your Niche

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  1. Thanks for your candidness and insights Jelle! Really great to hear stories like this of real people who are sticking-to-their-guns and being rewarded for it! I’ll be referring back to this article in the future I’m sure. Well done.

  2. Digging deep and finding a new treasure is like a magical moment for us when we find the treasure in our niche.

    Pamela, I completely agree with you about the situation you explained, when we must have to take the hard decision in a quick manner. We need to be active and build extraordinary, or I can say unseen type content for that treasure to cover all the possible opportunities.

    Your write-up is admirable and defiantly, I will share with my network as I have found one more treasure in your words. 🙂

  3. Hello, Jelle. Thanks for sharing your story. You have made a long way and it is cool that you have finally achieve what you wanted. My professional path has been somehow similar to yours. I am a programmer and I started out on a freelance marketplaces like this, where I did small jobs for various companies and entrepreneurs. Over time I got tired of the constant turnover of tass and employees. To add more, I could not find any long-term projects or large jobs. I decided to narrow the niche and turned to enterprise development. I built an accounting app and got an offer from a developer to enter their team as a junior developer.

    Can you speak more of productizing your services? I am not quite sure I fully understand the concept. A dictionary says to productize means to make something into a product which can be sold. But I am not sure how you interpret it.

  4. Great post! There are many benefits of niche or specialization in almost every business. I think it is because of focus and de-cluttering. You would be surprised how much your skills are in demand when you actually turn business down. But always put them in touch with someone who can help them. You are still a star then. A brighter star because you have impacted 2 lives not just one.

  5. Hi Pamela and Jelle,
    Thanks for sharing. I have just signed up for Copyblogger’s Certified Content Marketer Program and this post articulated everything I was hoping the program could do for me. You are an inspiration, Jelle, and I hope I can follow in your footsteps. I too have a really strong but small (about 6-8) client base and I have been working as a business and marketing writer with most of them for at least 2-3 years. I work so closely with one they have given me remote access to their server, and another has provided me with a company branded business card because they see me as part of the team. My problem is they are all based in my home town in Australia and I want to spread my wings a bit. I want to be able to spend 6-12 months living elsewhere but continue to run my consulting business. I left the corporate world at the beginning of 2014 and I am earning more now than I was then. But I’ve only got as far as my home office and I’m shooting for New York, London and Hong Kong!
    Cheers, Mel

    • Wow, bold plans – I like that! I found Double Your Freelancing a great resource to complement the Certified Writers course. And get a good coach to be sure you take actual action!

  6. These are amazing tips! I’m still learning there is always something new to learn every day. Knowing your niche is important and could take a time to find different topics inside your main niche, following other people to see what they do can help a lot.

    The bad thing about doing that is that what makes results now for them will not work for us, they have an active audience while we don’t. They were not doing what they are doing now back then when were like you just starting.

    • Great that you get so much out of it! My advice would be to focus on audience first and then define the most appropriate content.

  7. A good guide to discover the gold in any niche, but tell me that how we can see real gold by digging deeper ?

    I mean how we can see that there is potential available or not.


    • A tip is to rate niches using the ‘3 As’: are they Ambitious enough to work with you? Is the niche easily Accessible through confs or otherwise? Can they Afford you?

  8. Good post! There are many specialisations in almost every business as you say, but knowing your niche is important and it takes time to find this specialisations, as I did with my small business, just… DON’T GIVE UP!

  9. Love this … “Personally, I prefer to build deep relationships with a few people rather than being a social butterfly.”

    Me too! Just having someone else say it helped me solidify that is how I want to structure my business too. Now I’m going onto LinkedIn to tell the world and see what happens.

    Thanks, and congratulations with your business!

  10. Am thrilled to read your story Jelle. Becoming a content marketer is not a joke however, your story can boost one’s morale in pursuing it to the fullest. Am a student and want to major in content marketing. Therefore, I read lots of blog recently just to improve myself in writing and in creating contents. Today happens to be my first time here and your story has really inspired me. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Copyblogger.

    • Copyblogger is an excellent place to stick around 🙂 Still one of the best sources out there.

  11. I think that it takes guts to make that decision to specialize on a specific niche and target a small number of clients that you know well and service well. Well done.

    There is always the temptation to try to be everything to everyone but I guess by doing that you can’t give the depth that gets you the more rewarding work.

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