Creative Self-Care to Keep Your Writing Mojo Strong

Creative Self-Care to Keep Your Writing Mojo Strong

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  1. I really learned a lot reading the posts this week about content marketing strategy, creativity and the gratitude approach to increase productivity. I really look forward to more creative posts next week.

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I’ve been waiting for an article where someone is honest about how incredibly difficult it is to write content from a creative perspective. Sometimes I wake up and have a drive and a passion to write all week. Countless ideas spinning in my head. But other days I wake up feeling like a slug, just wanting to cry because the well of creativity feels…dry. Thanks for showing your audience the importance of protecting the creative sides of our brains, as well as providing the resources necessary to learn about this widely known but little discussed topic. And as a content writer, I know there are thousands of people out there who feel the same. Keep it up!

    • Yes, Jessica, many content writers have that issue. On some day I’m in the kitchen or eating something and suddenly a new content idea pops into my head. I think of it in my mind saying “Oh I should add this topic into my content basket”. But when I get back to my desktop, I kind of forget that content idea because I have a lot of other things to be taken care of.

      And after a few more days, I again think of that content idea and I decided to write a few words about it in my editor. But sadly I feel that I got zero zeal & energy on that day. Maybe because I’m not in the writing mood or I’m tired.

      To write good content we need an idea and we need zeal and enthusiasm. Content writers have to train themselves for this and ensure that their writing spirit and zeal is always sky high.

  3. Keeping your creative mojo can be really tough!

    Our new book club selection is going to speak to some of that. 🙂 (Post will go up tomorrow …)

  4. Hi Sonia.

    I love that you thought to explore embarrassing emotions. Those can indeed be motivational, but they are not ones people like to discuss – for obvious reasons.

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