Serious Writing Advice for a Foolish Week

Serious Writing Advice for a Foolish Week

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  1. “Taking a moment to fact check what you find on the Internet” … Why of why don’t people do this? Instead it seems that most people default to “it must be true because I saw it on googly, f-booky, twitty, instanty or pintery. When did we loose the skill of thinking for ourselves LOL

    • Cognitive bias is a tricky thing — the ones we should check first are the ones that agree with our own points of view. But that’s a habit that has to be consciously embraced and worked on, and even then it’s easy to forget sometimes, in my observation. 🙂

  2. About 1 week away from April Fool’s I prep myself for anything ridiculous. We tend to spot ’em quickly these days for their silly factor and we know Fooling is easier to spot.

    • I like April Fools jokes that are enjoyably foolish in their own right, even if they don’t trick anyone.

      Although it’s also fun to have that moment’s hesitation of, “wait, what?”

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