Content Marketers Share Their Secrets

Content Marketers Share Their Secrets

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  1. Focus on the reader and provide tons of value.

    I am writing daily. Now I will also include shooting a 2-3 min video every time I write.

    Really inspiring. Thanks!

    • Edvin, thank you!

      It was so great to hear from these content marketing masters — the responses here represent half of the ones I got! I’m glad you found them inspiring: good luck with those videos. 🙂

  2. “The thing that continually inspires me to create content for my blog and podcast is regularly meeting my readers both in person and online” this quotes is completely truth, i won’t have motivate if i don’t have any reader visit my blog so the big motivation is readers. Thanks.

    • Min, I really enjoyed that, too!

      We just wrapped up our live event and I had the pleasure of meeting many of our customers in person: it’s always a treat to get to know people in real life.

  3. thanks pamela.. I am trying in my website to come up with a incentive approach. I gave a 1,000 to refer a couple of coaches and then you entered the context.. out of thousands only 8 entered the contents.. the conditions to hard? .. let’s see next time

  4. Hi Pamela,
    What I do when writing an article for my blog is only telling what I see and already experienced. I always make what questions frequently asked by tourists who visit my country to be the topic of my article; by this way I find it easier to write although having limit English vocabulary.

  5. Hi Pamela, I appreciate your hard work for collecting these success stories.

    I’ve learned a lot of things from the post (In fact, I always learn something reading Copyblogger).

    Thanks and keep sharing.


  6. Hey Pamela,

    As Darren has mentioned his readers inspire him to create the quality content. For a writer, blogger, it’s all about the people who read his/her content.

    When we interact with our audience, new ideas are born. The conversation can be really helpful for the next blog post or maybe a book.

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of the content.

  7. Great Post.

    Many truths it contains.

    Especially the quote “It’s not about you but about your readers”: Being a pro blogger, beginning bloggers often ask me to comment on their first text. And yes, it’s always about themselves. If you bear this in mind, that it is about your readers, then you’re on a good way to create posts that will be read.

    Thanks, this has been interesting! 🙂

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